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The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is a weekly 15 minute professionally- produced and family-friendly variety radio show, featuring clean comedy by Christian comedians. Standup, skits and songs, all under one hoof!

Meet your host!

Fred Passmore
Who is the "Fred" character and why is he doing this?"
Good question! Click on the picture to learn more about your host! You might be surprised at what all he's done. Also, find out a little more about how and why the show is done.

Produced by long-time radio and comedy veteran Fred Passmore, of Sheep Laughs Records, The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is available for radio airplay, for listening while on this page, or for downloading to your iPod to take along with you.

Each week, you can enjoy a new fifteen minute program that showcases a wide range of Christian comedy talent. There's a lot of dedicated talent out there... and Fred is rounding it up and herding it all together for you to enjoy.

Cheap laughs? No way! Sheep Laughs!
Here are some of the comedians you will hear on the program...

Anita Renfroe, Prime Example, Gary Shepperd, Kerri Pomarolli, Lanny Moody, Paul Aldrich, Gordon Douglas, Gary Claxton, Kay Dekalb-Smith, Ron McGehee, Joe Gautier, Robert G. Lee, Donna East, Nazareth, Thor Ramsey, Rick Younger, Justin Fennell, Nick Alexander, Al Fike, Eric Baker, MainStreet, Wayne Berry, Kelly Sisney, Nick Arnette, Bean and Bailey, David P. Dean, Lonnie Swonger, Steve Geyer, Will McDaniel, Jinny Henson, Dave and Brian, Glen Hascall, Larry Bubb, Willie Brown and Woody, Grady Nutt, Dennis Swanberg, Tim Hawkins, Leon Patillo, Susan O'Donnell, Pat Hurley, The Jeremiah People, Isaac Air Freight, Patrick Williams, John and VickiJo Witty, Rick McConnell, Ed Thompson, Darren Marlar, Aaron Wilburn, Bob Clark, Daren Streblow, David Ferrell, Michelle Krajecki, Elaine Brantley, Teresa Roberts-Logan, Tim Steed, Mike Miller, Y'Dhanna Daniels, Cleto Rodriguez, Brad Stine, Carl Hurley, Frank Cheek, Scott Davis, Dan McGowan, Randy Mac, Johnny Roberts, John Jackshaw, Jeff Allen, David Orion, John Gray, Bob Smiley, Kenn Kington... plus many more to come!

Plus, you'll be "swept away" by the janitor with the jokes, "Jeremiah," heard just about every week on the program!

Beginning with program #10, Jeremiah often stops by the studio ("coincidentally" only while I'm taping) to tell one of his humorous stories, as only he can!

Note: Due to work needed on my main site,, the program here is on hiatus until I have more time to devote to it, and have built up more comedian CDs. I do intend on creating more programs soon!

To hear all the shows, visit the awesome Archives Page!

Featuring Jon Lawhon

Special guest Jon Lawhon is the voice of Jeremiah the Janitor, as well as other voices on the program. A long-time radio veteran who was my partner in Prime Example, Jon is my favorite source for fun voices! Visit his production services site at Also find out juicy personal info at his Shoutlife page!

As a frequent contributor to the program via his "Voice Closet" feature, Glenn Hascall (voted by the Kansas Association of Bradcasters "Air Personality of the Year" for 2008) brings his unique combination of writing, vocal ability and production work.

"The Voice Closet" is a semi- regular element of the program that showcases Glenn's recordings. Visit his site to find out how to have Glenn voice your next audio spot or project. Visit his Shoutlife page to enjoy more of this talented (but humble) Christian writer and radio personality! Buy his new CD, "Sketch," right here!

I'm pleased to announce the addition of Rick McConnell's "Air Show" feature to the program! You'll hear Rick's great spots on a semi-regular basis, starting with program #39.

Your host Fred with Dennis Swanberg of Swan's Place, one of the many great comedians you will hear on the program!

Click the banner above to learn more about Sheep Laughs Records, the company behind this program and site. Sheep Laughs Records supplies you with the best in Christian skit scripts, performance soundtracks, comedy CDs, and more.

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Christian Skit Scripts supplies you with top-quality scripts plus soundtrack CDs for your church drama team. Visit it for comedy you can do yourself!

Got a question about the show, or anything else related to it? Dusty and I are ready to answer! And, tell me if you are listening!

Looking for more jokes and funny stories like you hear Jeremiah tell? Get them at! Daily jokes, a huge joke archive, a huge comedian list, funny pictures, and much more!

Also, visit the official site of the Christian Comedy Association!

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Podcasting the funny stuff since spring of 2006, this site now holds 24 hours of comedy! Don't overdose... listen responsibly.
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The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is available for your station to run, since the format works for either radio or as a podcast. It may be downloaded and used, or supplied to you on CD, which has better sound quality. Call me at 912-347-9579 for details!

The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show: Lifting Laughter To A Higher Level!

Notes from a couple of featured comedians...


I had a ton of visits on my website from your airing of my comedy on your Sheep Laughs Comedy Show!


Tim Steed


Sheep Laughs is great... I have received numerous compliments from many people that listened to my guest spot on the podcast. Everybody in the world should tune in to Sheep Laughs and get a daily dose of comedy.

Thanks so much and God bless you and the whole staff.

-Johnny Roberts

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation."

Got a question about going to heaven? Click here to find out how!

You don't have to go to the commode for comedy.

The Sheep Laughs
Comedy Show:

"It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good-humour."
-Charles Dickens,
"A Christmas Carol."

Found this article online using this program as an example of "Defining A Destination" to make podcasting successful. Cool!

Listener Email:


Being as you regularly ask for feedback, I'm here to give you some!


It was so wonderful to find a Christian Comedy podcast to listen to when most of the comedic routines available are ungodly. Thank you for making this awesome show possible!!
God Bless You and all your Comedians!!

-Ashley in Arkansas

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